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We are two moms with a passion for working with children, and for making therapy enjoyable for children and families. Our goal as pediatric physical therapists is to enhance a child’s physical capabilities, independence, and quality of life, enabling them to participate in daily activities, such as play, school, and social interactions, to the best of their abilities. We provide individualized and evidence-based physical therapy services that promote progress, movement confidence, and inclusion. We are here to get to know your child, and create a plan of care that works for your family.

Services We Provide

Evaluation and Assessment

We will conduct a thorough evaluation to assess your child’s motor abilities, strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, mobility, and motor planning skills. This evaluation will include a variety of measures including caregiver interview, clinical observation, motor skill and mobility assessment, standardized measures, and other specialized assessments as needed based on your child’s individual presentation. Afterwards we will then develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to your child’s specific goals and needs.


The following may be included in treatment sessions based on your child’s individual needs:

  1. Therapeutic exercise
  2. Gait training
  3. Balance activities
  4. Motor skill development
  5. Assistive device recommendations
  6. Parent and caregiver education
  7. Other specialized therapeutic techniques

Collaborative Care

We will work closely with your family, your pediatrician, specialists, orthotists, equipment providers, other therapists, social workers, and teachers. This interdisciplinary approach ensures comprehensive assessment, treatment, and support for the child’s overall development and well-being.

Advocacy and Support

We will serve as an advocate for your child to ensure that they have access to appropriate services, equipment, and inclusive environments.